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Who We Are

Have you ever wondered why all great men have beards? We pondered on this idea and found that men with great reason and intelligence accept their individuality, are rational and are always open to differing views (some even come up with them). They take pride in being real and different, just what it takes to have a beard. Anyone can grow a beard but not everyone can keep a beard.

Men may look tough outwardly but they are sensitive and sympathetic towards everyone and they are not shy to show their soft side. While men’s fashion and grooming habits have changed over the years, the look with a broody beard is a classic and is still one of the most loved.

With various bearded looks, DOMESCA noticed a shortage of grooming products for men and hence decided to change the grooming game for men with exclusive products created using exclusive ingredients and a quality-controlled manufacturing process. DOMESCA isn’t the only beard care specialist that focuses only on beard grooming products,

We have also forayed into men’s skincare range that includes scrubs, moisturizers, masks, body washes, serums et al and a carefully curated haircare range that focuses on hair types and various hair problems that men are prone to.

We always come up with successful products which are hassle-free to use and effective on men. Our primary focus is to change men’s grooming game and help them become more stylish and sexy than ever.

Being a true-blue beard at heart, we will always bring products that men not only need but truly deserve.