Quality is a goal we pursue every day. Our products are manufactured under the most stringent certifications Domesca is a men's and women's brand. We make products, design ingredients, and everything else that can help our brows look and smell good. Our products adhere to the highest quality standards and are made without using sulfates, parabens, or harmful chemicals. And most importantly, they are not tested on animals, only on rascals! We always come up with successful products which are hassle-free to use and effective on men and women.

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Highest Quality Material

The effectiveness of our products is highly dependent on the quality of the ingredients. While there are companies that may have similar ingredients, the quality of the ingredients can vary greatly. We source our ingredients from regions where they are known to be highly efficacious, resulting in our products giving you better results.

Tested Tests

The team behind Domesca are consumers of personal care and supplements themselves, and we are super particular about the safety and quality of the products we consume. Therefore, we have implemented it in our supply chain to ensure testing at multiple locations in the supply chain.

We do a test on the following:

  • Material quality and cleanliness before construction
  • Post manufacturing quality of each batch
  • Extreme quality checks on each packaged product prior to shipping

cleanliness and hygiene

We maintain our manufacturing units and warehouses with the highest quality of cleanliness and hygiene. We ensure that the premises are thoroughly cleaned daily. Our technicians, warehouse workers, and pharmacists have latex gloves on at all times when handling any product.