1) I don’t have beard and moustache on my cheeks, can I use this oil to grow it?

Yes, Beard Growth Oil provides nourishment to the scalp and removes build-up from hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.

2) Can I use Beard Growth Oil regularly?

Yes, Spread the oil over your hair/beard and massage gently. Leave the oil overnight and then rinse it off.

3) Can I use it for the thick hair?

Yes, all the products of Domesca are made from natural extracts and can be used for all types to revitalize your hair.

4) How can I order this product?

Visit the product detail page for a product you wish to buy. Tap Add to Cart. When you’ve finished adding a product to your cart, tap the Shopping Cart icon. If you need to edit the items in your Cart, visit the product detail page. Then tap to Place Order and follow the on-screen instructions.

5) Why the payment is deducted and the order is not placed?

If the payment is deducted from your account, Please write us at domesca2020@gmail.com with your Payment/Transaction Id. We will check from our end and update you about the same.

6) My Order is not delivered yet.

Please provide your Order ID here and we will get in touch with the logistic department regarding your problem.