Charcoal Body Wash


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Common Name: Domesca Body Wash

Country of origin: India Marketing: Ganesh society jogasar Road, Dhrangadhra – 363310 (Gujarat) IND.

Manufacturer: Domesca Ganesh society jogasar Road, Dhrangadhra – 363310 (Gujarat) IND.

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Charcoal Body Wash

We rub our shoulders every day with the smell and pollution that leaves us down with so much fatigue and laziness at the end of the day. Domesca has created a unique bath wash that contains activated charcoal With Mint that not only removes dirt from your skin but also detoxifies and refreshes you completely. Aloe vera extract and glycerin refresh the body and keeps it clean all day long. So get Domesca Activated Charcoal With Mint Body washes to detox your body like a pro!

Refresh your body for the day:

A shower using Domesca Activated Charcoal With Mint Body Wash will help gently detoxify your body and gently cleanse your skin. The use of activated charcoal With Mint body wash gives you the perfect bathing experience that washes away dirt, dead cells, and daytime fatigue instantly and rejuvenates your mood and skin!


1. Can I use it on my face?

This product is formulated with ingredients that help to cleanse and detoxify your body’s skin, facial skin is delicate than the rest of the body and hence we recommend our range of facewashes, which are Also suited to your skin type, a clear and healthy glow! (Link Facewash)

2. Will it make my skin fair?

This product contains activated charcoal which removes dirt and toxins from your skin, it does not affect your skin tone.

4. Can women use it?

Domesca Activated Charcoal Body Wash is formulated for men, its fragrance and ingredients are selected with men’s skin in mind, but no harm if women use it!

5. Will it help me grow my beard?

Hey, Domesca This product is meant to remove dirt, oil, and toxins from your skin, it cannot aid or affect the growth or color of your beard.


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