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About The Company

Our Story – From Fun Experiment to Beard Growth Revolution Company 

Welcome to, where the journey of growing a beard and gaining confidence begins. Our story dates back to December 1, 2019, when two brothers set out on an unlikely adventure that changed their lives and those of countless others forever.

On that day, these two brothers decided to make beard oil just for fun. Little did they know that this playful experiment would turn into a passion project and eventually a booming business. The brothers, inspired by a desire to grow their beard hair, combined their knowledge, research and creativity to create a special blend.

As soon as he applied the homemade beard growth oil on his face, he started seeing promising results. What started as a fun experiment has turned into a real endeavor to boost beard growth and confidence. The brothers realized they could do something incredible, something that could help not only them but also men around the world who yearn for the confidence that a full, luscious beard can bring. Is.

The turning point came when he decided to share his creation with a close friend who was also battling beard dyspepsia. With enthusiasm and a little skepticism, the friend started using beard oil. Result? amazing. The friend, who had been plagued by the notion of never having a proper beard, experienced a change that left him speechless. “I didn’t have a beard at all, but now I can feel my beard growing on my cheeks!” They said.

Empowered by this success, the two brothers took a leap of faith and decided to make their beard growth oil available to those who shared their dreams of achieving a strong and thick beard. With unwavering determination, he perfected his formula, ensuring it contained only the finest natural ingredients with proven benefits for hair growth and nourishment.

And thus, the journey of Domesca Hair Care officially began. The brothers introduced their beard growth oil to the world, one bottle at a time. The response was overwhelming. Men from all walks of life, with different beard aspirations, found solace in the magic of their product. What started as a fun experiment between brothers has grown into a movement that celebrates masculinity, self-care, and the pursuit of confidence.

Today, Domesca Hair Care is a testament to the power of determination, passion and a touch of casualness. Our mission is simple but profound: to help men achieve the beard they’ve always wanted and, in the process, boost their self-esteem. Our commitment to quality and results remains unwavering, as we continue to create products that inspire confidence and change lives, one shave at a time.

Join us on this remarkable journey, and discover the magic of Domesca Hair Care. Experience change, embrace confidence, and unlock the potential of your beard like never before.

Good News! Along with our very successful Beard Growth Oil, we are now introducing a new product for women’s hair growth – “Domesca Hair Care Women’s Hair Growth Oil”. It is a luxurious option that aims at providing exclusive attention to women looking for the hair care and health of their dreams.

Domesca Hair Care Women’s Hair Growth Oil is our expertly curated blend of ingredients including superfoods, hair health promoting ingredients and natural oils. Our products are created to leave your hair soft, shiny and healthy, so that you can take care of your most precious hair.

We take pride in the product as it is not only a means to promote hair health, but it can also help you grow in confidence. We believe that every woman’s hair is her identity and we aim to make your hair experience unique by providing special and loving care to your hair.

Using Domesca Hair Care Women’s Hair Growth Oil, you can nurture your hair with love and affection, so that they always look healthy and attractive. We are here to walk you through this success, so that you can start a new journey of confidence with your hair.

Welcome to the world of exotic products at Come join us and reinvent the health and beauty of your hair!